Noo the elbow is an issue again.  After a few minutes of warming up for squash, that familiar twinge came back.  This time I let my partner get me an ice-bag, and I texted my former personal trainer and the coach I play tennis with about it.  The personal trainer said to get a brace, but that I don’t necessarily need to take a break from squash/tennis.  He asked if I felt it on the inside or outside of my arm, and I guess it was both but more inside.  So it’s a combination of a golfer’s elbow and a tennis elbow even though I don’t play golf.

Don’t know if I’ll get a brace.  I don’t really want everyone knowing I’m injured lol although I know that doesn’t make sense and is counterproductive.  Anyways, life without squash and/or tennis would suck.  Let’s hope the elbow heals.  Thanks for tuning in.



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