heads up: upcoming trips i’ll bring you on

hey all,

i’ve got a couple trips coming up, which i will most definitely include you on via travel posts w/pics and all 🙂

i’m at that point where i’m starting to really mentally prepare for them, so why not include you on the mental preparation as well?  the first trip that’s coming up will be a weeklong family reunion for my dad’s side of the family.  we will all be exploring various areas in Maine near Portland: Kennebunk, York, Freeport, Bath, Brunswick, Phippsburg, Wiscasset, Rockland, Camden, Bar Harbor, Acadia, then back to Portland.  Sound like a lot to tackle? yep..it’ll be jam-packed.  so let’s see..how many of us are going?  hmmm…2, 2, 3, 3, 2. that makes 12 of us! that’s a lot, considering a lot won’t be able to make it either.  this will be fun.  the trip’s gonna last throughout the last week of august.

the other trip that i’m going solo on will be for my cousin’s wedding in october.  i’m flying back and forth from san jose to st. louis solo, but i’ll be staying with cousins at my aunt and uncle’s house and will be able to spend quality time with family there.  the wedding is on Halloween, since Halloween falls on a saturday night.  the bride and groom have requested that everyone go in costumes.  i’m not gonna reveal my costume to you until later 🙂  most of all, i’m looking forward to roaming the airports solo, it’ll be reminiscent of my college days when i would fly back and forth to cornell solo.  i’ll be sure to blog to y’all at the airports.

will keep you posted,



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