when i dance, no one else does…cuz they’re WATCHIN

so this is what my night out was like.  busted outta my psychiatrist appointment. rushed into my car. met up with 20-30 friends at a pub in downtown mountain view on murphy.  i get there, good convo.  my black friends like “yo lets go to _______ (name of club across the street), $5 cover”  im like “whaaaat i aint tryna spend no money” she like “yo can you dance to this ish?”  i’m like “ok prob not lets go”

we go across the street. two ppl on the dance floor. i roll up. show time.  i start dancing yeah yeah im kinda buzzed so it’s rhythmic. the dj gradually starts tuning into my moves, plays the beats i like, i go ALLLL OUT. crowd forms. yeah im still dancing.  short hair dont care.  plenty of fish swimmin’ around everywhere, people buying me free drinks, ppl coming up real close, too bad i dance solo homies.

so then i zone out. i’m in my zone, yanno. i notice they’re projecting the music videos on the screen. i start observing the dance moves of the greats: justin timberlake, jay z, busta rhymes, missy elliot, pdiddy, ll cool j, dude none of them move like i do.

bud light employees roll in, they got ipads in their hands, they ask me to record 10 seconds of my bucket list (honestly i was hoping it was one of those commercial things where they take an unsuspecting person on a huge adventure) but it wasnt. at least i got two free beers. so i recorded 10 seconds of me saying what is on my summer bucket list. if i win, i get free tix to hawaii..sure, i’ll take that perk.

keep dancing keep dancing, my black friend decides to set me up with some…..people.  they start dancing around me, with each other, inching really close. but dude. i dance solo.  ppl start shouting “YO YOU ARE AN OG” im like dude..i know.  ppl try passing their partners on to me..but dude.  i dance solo.  my black friends like “cordy cmon let’s work on your freak dance” …but dude. i dance solo.  i need my space. i need my bubble. even on the dance floor.  ppl sense im getting uncomfortable when they make moves on me, so they go back to leaving me alone. i’m alone on the dance floor again. everyones around the perimeter.  once i lose it and close my eyes and feel the beat, i open my eyes and everyone’s back.  stealing glances. smiling sideways..but dude. i dance solo.

im sorry. i get the right to be narcissistic when i deserve to.  bragging rights.

security guards nodding to me on my way out.  sorry, errrbody..this girl dances solo.




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