my appetite.

i lost my appetite for a good two or three weeks and dropped around 10lbs.  my clothes were a lot looser.  so i took the liberty of eating a crapload of food this week.  i should be adjusting to my normal appetite now.

so guys, i dont know if i ever told you this, but i developed a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge crush on a therapist last school year.  it still hurts.  i’m still grieving.  sometimes i suspect i knew this person in a past life.  i feel way too connected and attached than is possible after only knowing someone for a few months.  goddamnit.


my mom came to visit last night

yahoo! my mom came to visit me last night on campus and slept over.  my dog pierre came to visit too.  he was very excited the whole time.  we visited my apartment, walked around campus, ate a late dinner, played pingpong, chatted a bit, then went to bed.

today’s thursday, and i’m feeling good.  i hope the feeling lasts.  may the weekend begin!

happy birthday to my gege!

happy birthday gege!  you are a great big brother, and i very much appreciate your support and guidance in my life.  today is your birthday, and you turn 28.  i am excited to continue growing alongside you, just a year and half behind.  we’ve had a good 26 years of siblinghood and friendship with many fond memories made. it was a treat to see you in nyc over the summer.  looking forward to seeing you this thanksgiving when you come home for your high school reunion!  we need to have another family vacation with all of us soon.

thank you for always knowing how to best guide me in the right direction.  i am grateful for your consistence and wisdom.

wishing you all the best on this happy day!

– meimei

interesting quote

i posted this quote on my facebook earlier – some people grumble because roses have thorns; i’m thankful that thorns have roses.

it describes my outlook on and experience with life accurately.  gotta work hard.

my mom’s coming to visit me tonight!  yay sleepover.  it’ll be her first time visiting me all year, since i had friends move me in.  she’ll get here around 9pm, we’ll visit my apartment, eat at the dining hall, then walk around campus a bit i suppose.  pierre will be visiting with her as well yahoo.

i’m in a very, very boring class right now.  i have it every monday and wednesday evening oh lord help me.